Monday, September 13, 2010

Way off topic, but I had to share.

Oooooh, I felt a feeling I've never felt before.  Now don't laugh, but I totally felt EMPOWERED in my kitchen.  Those of you who truly know me will understand the significance of this because I am not a person who cooks, by any stretch of the imagination.  This lack of kitchen skills haunts me every day of my life...3 times a day, and I have finally decided to do something about it.

As you may know, in the craft world, I feel completely at home.  A sense of inner peace and, shall we say, elation flows through me at the thought of creating something in my craft room.  I have no idea why that doesn't spill over into the kitchen, it's just another room where one creates, or so I'm trying to tell myself.

My hubby once said something profound and I am going to apply his wisdom (again, do NOT laugh - that would just be mean). He said, "If you don't like something, you should become a master at it so you only have to do it once when the occasion arises."  Now, he was referring to his own dislike of painting - as in houses, interior walls and the like - and learning how to be a master at that task so he would never have to go back and touch up a wall.  I can honestly tell you, by the way, he is the absolute best painter I've ever seen, and he refuses to tape areas off - just cuts it in perfect every time.

Okay, back to my logic.  I don't dislike cooking, per say, I just don't enjoy doing something over and over again that I stink at.  I know some of you can relate.  So, to fix this little problem of mine, I have decided to learn (master would be too strong a word) how to cook - or at least a few weeks of recipes.

I discovered a blog,, that I have fallen in love with many times over, and to my delight she has a cooking section complete with pictures for every step of the way.  It's what I need, people.  I am remedial in the kitchen.

I came across a recipe on PW's blog for muffins that taste like donuts.  Oh the delight I felt.  I adore donuts, so I thought this would be the perfect thing for me to whip up ( I have to master the chef's lingo too).  Once I had the little treats in the oven and commenced to clean the horrific mess I'd created, it happened.  THAT feeling.  The feeling of power.  I am woman hear me roar, I tell you.  It was intoxicating and something I want to feel again.  Maybe, just maybe, it will be that feeling that will propel me into this strange new world of recipes, herbs, spices and dare I say... dinner parties.  I'm giddy just thinking about it.

Because I have a slight obsession of photographing every aspect of my life,  I had my new little muffin friends get all gussied and pose for a photo shoot.  My kids think I have a screw loose, but I just knew I couldn't tell you this story without a picture.  It was needed and I obliged. 

Behold the little lovelies:

Because I am an avid donut connoisseur, I must be honest and tell you they didn't really taste like the royalty of the pastry world as they claimed, but they were absolutely tasty in their own right.

Here's the recipe just in case you want to crank a few out yourself. Oops, slipped back to my craft lingo.  It's a process, ya'll, and I have to take baby steps. 

The Recipe


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Jen said...

Love your blog...and you're writing! I'll be back often!